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Lloyd Michaels is Professor of English at Allegheny College, where he teaches American literature and film studies and served as Dean of the College (1999-2003). Editor of Film Criticism since 1977, he is the author of Elia Kazan: A Guide to References and Resources (G.K. Hall), The Phantom of the Cinema: Character in Modern Film (SUNY), Terrence Malick (Illinois), and editor of Ingmar Bergman’s Persona (Cambridge).






Lloyd Michaels – Editor

Joe Tompkins – Managing Editor

Alice Leppert – Book Review Editor

Jeremy Loewer – Editorial Assistant

Editorial Board

Dudley Andrew–Yale University Elizabeth Reich–Connecticut College
Caitlin Benson-Allott–University of Oklahoma Janet Staiger–University of Texas, Austin
Timothy Corrigan–University of Pennsylvania Michael Stewart–Queen Margaret University
Gerd Gemünden–Dartmouth College Constantine Verevis–Monash University
Andrew Horton–University of Oklahoma  Kristen Whissel–University of California, Berkley
Charles Maland–University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Walter Metz–Southern Illinois University